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This is your opportunity to help bring a little Dignity to the Homeless

Welcome to CrazybabyTV World formerly Crazybaby Entertainment.  I've been in the music recording industry for over 20 years.  I've made it my personal mission to help nurture and develop local talent so that young people can realize their dreams.

I opened the very first commercially viable Recording Studio in the City of Fort Pierce back in 1996 and since then I've helped many people towards their musical endeavors.  Some went on to major success, others faded away into obscurity and pursued other goals but all at least had a real opportunity through the platform that I've built here in Saint Lucie County.

In November 2017 I had a mini-stroke that took me out of play for several months.  During my time down I lost it all.  My business, my home, my vehicle, literally everything.  After a long rehab I am now healthy and back to a productive life rebuilding my business and enjoying life as a grandfather.

During my time rehabbing I met so many people who don't have it as well.  The skyrocketing cost of living has become so overwhelming for many Americans that they've lost their homes and sense of humanity.  Everyone that is homeless are not drug addicts, alcoholics, and bums.  So many are people just like you and I that have literally fallen on the hardest of times and really have nowhere to turn.  Society looks upon them as lazy and useless but these are human beings who just need a little help to get back on their feet.

I believe it's our duty to ensure that our people a made whole again.  I learned first hand that it could be anyone of use out there.  What I'm trying to do is bring a little dignity to these people by providing just some of the bare needs for these people to fell human again.  I personally offer food, clothing, and hygenic materials for many of our local homeless persons and the joy it brings to see them smile is worth more than gold.  I want to expand my efforts by providing hot showers, job assistance, and other administrative services to help these people get back on the path to living.

I can't tell you that my solution will end homelessness but I can tell you that every little bit helps and it goes a million miles to simple make a person feel a little better if even for a moment.  I'm especially sensitive to our homeless veterans and their families who feel abandoned by this country that they bravely and sometimes blindly served.

Your donations are greatly appreciated but keep in mind that we are not a non-profit organization.  We are just citizens trying to make a difference.  


Kenneth O Jackson

CrazybabyTV World

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