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About Ken

The Boss Ken Jackson

Kenneth O. Jackson - Founder/CEO

Ken is the founder and driving force behind CrazybabyTV World.  Mr Jackson wears many hats.  Still very much involved in the Music Industry, Ken launched CrazybabyTV to provide a platform to fully expose up and coming Artists to the world in a new and creative way.

With the rapid growth of the Internet and Digital Music Distribution and how it effected the Music Industry Ken saw the future and realized that the next medium to explode would be Internet Television & Film.  CrazybabyTV was born out that vision and is now a reality.  We offer our Artists the ultimate environment to grow and prosper in.

I am committed to helping young people achieve their dreams.  We are building new partnerships and opening doors leading to opportunities for indie artists to get endorsement deals, television and film placements, mainstream collaborations, and so much more.


As always I want to thank my team for all of the help and dedication they have provided over the years and I look forward to the next 20 years of growth and excellence.


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Facebook: @CrazybabyTVWorld

Twitter: CrazybabyWorld | Instagram: CrazybabyTVWorld


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